Team - "Less is More"

DomainDao was created by a group of friends who have different strength and diverse backgrounds but agree on one thing that “Everyone should have the right to vote for what's important around them”.

So we have decided to get together and create infrastructure for the evolution of DAO ecosystem. Our difference and diversity are what makes us a DAO and makes our project complete.

  • Meaning-less: formerly a value investor, currently Dao visionary who believes that Dao will surpass corporations in the next decade thus Dao believers should dream BIG

  • Job-less: C-level executive of an internet company & currently Dao executor who believes that execution is everything in the Dao world thus need to be FAST and QUICK

  • Speech-less: Executive with 20+ years experience in domain and ICANN

  • Hope-less : an IT project manager for 15 years who believes that blockchain will change the tech industry

  • Care-less : an IT developer for 10 years who is a master of blockchain technology

  • Effort-less : creative agency veteran and ex-consultant. Been growing projects and businesses effortlessly before Ethereum was even born

  • Pizza-less : previously an engineer then strategist at FMCG company for 10 years, who believes that DAO is a strategy that can be engineered

  • And You : Join us building DAO culture together!!

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